“Do what’s best for me.”

A documentary series

My mother has Alzheimer’s disease. She manages, living in her house, but the situation is changing, and things are deteriorating. This disease is a mess. A horror. It progresses, casts its shadow from month to month on the woman who was a woman of character. It shrinks her.

-Excerpt from Do what’s best for me

MOHSSR’s deputy director Dr. Isabelle Vedel has collaborated on a documentary series Do what’s best for me (directed by Marie-France Bazzo) that will be aired starting next week on ICI Radio-Canada Première (95,1 RM in Montreal).

Here are the airing dates and times of the documentary’s four episodes:

September 7 at 11 pm
September 14 at 11 pm
September 21 at 11 pm
September 28 at 11 pm

Each episode will be available on line (on the web, iTunes, the application ICI Première) once it has been aired on radio. It is available only in French.

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